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Mohammed Ali is a designer that loves to tell a good story

About Me

Helping brands thrive
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Mohammed is a Nigerian based designer with over 9 years experience. He’s worked on a variety in-house brands ranging from small non-profits to large tech companies with ambitious goals. He has a unique talent at seeing the big picture potential in a product or brand and then bringing it to life.
Each company Mohammed has worked for has carried a strong mission behind the work—ranging from sustainability and transportation, to education. He tries to keep that same ethos for doing good in his personal life as well. He strongly believes that design and storytelling is a powerful medium to create change.
Mohammed is comfortable working on a range of projects. Whether he’s behind the monitor, illustrating on paper, or crafting prototypes on his laptop, Mohammed always brings a quality of work and creativity that is hard to match.
Outside of work Mohammed finds inspiration through riding, playing football and traveling. His hunger and curiosity for life drives him to experience everything and document all that it has to offer. This thirst for life is evident in all of his work. Mohammed doesn’t find a strong line between creativity, work, and play.

I can help you with ...

Work Process



With a solid track record in designing websites and apps, I deliver strong and user-friendly digital designs. Solid company branding is the foundation of any succesful website.



I build scalable websites from scratch that fit seamlessly with design. My focus is on micro animations, transitions and interaction. For content management I use Kirby CMS.


The full package

A complete website from concept to implementation, that's what makes me stand out. My great sense for design and my development skills enable me to create kick-ass projects.